Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yaz Linked to Severe Injuries? So Shocking!

Ok not really.  This doesn't surprise me at all.

Yaz, the birth control pill taken by millions of women who are  trying to either treat severe acne or the obvious- prevent pregnancy, is catching some heat now.

Bayer, the pharmaceutical geniuses behind these birth control pills, was ordered to redo their misleading ads back in 2008 because of false claims and misinformation. Well...they spent millions remaking their ads, and the FDA still isn't happy.

Dear Bayer, just give up. Trying to sell pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, strokes, liver cancer, and many other health complications in your cute little pill just isn't doing it for me. You don't want to dump some more millions into a new commercial and lawsuits, do you? Just call it quits. No one will notice.

Check out this spoof...

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