Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweeten Your Way to Declined Health

It really just boggles my mind that a substance like aspartame, despite its ill effects, ever received approval from the FDA. Aspartame is everywhere- including "fruit" juices, diet sodas, yogurt, cereals, and many other commonly consumed foods.  I consider myself lucky if I stumble across a pack of gum that's made with actual sugar.  (I challenge you to try this).

Studies show that aspartame not only promotes weight gain by signaling the body to store carbohydrates, but it also damages the kidneys.  There have even been links made between aspartame and brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus, chronic fatigue, and Alzheimers! Evidence regarding its dangers is abundant, yet its prevalence in our foods is increasing exponentially. It's a favorite among food giants like Kraft, General Mills, and CocaCola. This makes me so sick.

An easy way to avoid this silent poison is by buying organic. If you do purchase conventional products, however, please make sure to read those labels! You truly would be surprised at the number of products that contain the artificial sweetener. Stay informed.

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